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Pimpbox is the story of a gaming enthusiast who loves to tidy up his games!

I propose new and unique storage of my design. The idea? That nothing moves in your box! Whether your game is vertical, or upside down, in a bag or on a boat at sea, nothing should move. I also want storage, colorful and aesthetic, that we are proud to open his box.

The boxes are super rigid because it is cardboard of 300G!

The principle I book plans for three times nothing and cut you!

Pimpbox? Why ?

I have tried everything :

Plastic bag = ugly, not resistant, and unless you find super resistant bags they must be replaced from time to time.

Thermoforming (storage plastics boxes) = I count on the fingers of one hand the thermos that are really practical. Make a test, put away your box, close your box, shake your box, open and admire; o)

Elastics = To banish, it melts with time they break they can even damage your game.

Plastic boxes = a little better but it takes a lot of stock to have each time the "good" box.

Carton pen = Not bad, but it takes time, it costs in the end quite expensive and in addition it takes a real good experience to get things nice or nothing moves.

Insert wood = Well, but in the end quite expensive, furthermore it weighs down the game, vertical storage mandatory not to obscure the games placed below. Finally I find the wood a little dull badly finished.

Foam insert = Good too, quite expensive again and not so practical. In the end everything remains in the game box, no box to ask on the board. and then the gray foam blah.

So I thought of these storage of a new type, even if there is a bigger job in design, graphics, customization ...